Transit Agencies Propose Changes to Service for August 2010

Three of the Triangle’s transit providers are proposing route changes to improve service for riders along the US 15-501 corridor between Chapel Hill and Durham. Each day there are thousands of commuting trips to the universities and hospitals, and thousands of trips accessing the commercial centers along the corridor.

If approved, the changes would:
• Enhance transportation options and reduce traffic congestion
• Create seamless transfers for all agencies in the 15-501 corridor and reduce service duplication
• Establish a transfer point between Chapel Hill Transit and DATA
• Provide all-day, low-cost, local access to the commercial centers
• Provide direct, fast, consistent connections to the downtowns, the universities, and park-and-ride locations

The changes planned by all three transit agencies along and in the 15-501 corridor:
• Chapel Hill Transit routes affected would include extending D and DM routes to New Hope Commons Shopping Center and routing and schedule modifications to the CL route
• DATA route affected would be Route 10
• Triangle Transit routes affected would include the 402/412 and 403/413

Chapel Hill Transit, DATA and Triangle Transit will supply information about the proposed route changes on buses and information also will be posted at key stops along the affected routes. Comments may be made on line at: or by leaving a message at 485-PLAN (7526).

In addition, Triangle Transit is proposing route changes to improve service reliability on-time performance, make better connections with local transit, and to improve service to RDU from downtown Raleigh.

Affected routes include:
• Weekday routes: 105, 201, 301, 311
• Saturday routes: 101, 412S, 413S, 747S
• Shuttles to RDU Airport 747 and RTP 42, 46, 47, 49
• Night routes: 470, 570, 670

The three agencies will host public meetings to provide further information at:

• Durham Station : March 23rd from 10am – 2pm
515 W. Pettigrew Street, Durham, NC 27701
• Chapel Hill Bible Church : March 24th from 4pm-6pm
260 Erwin Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
• Triangle Transit Offices: March 25th from 4pm-6:30pm
4600 Emperor Blvd, Durham NC 27703, Board Room

Final recommendations and approval of the recommendations will be made by June 30. The service changes would take place in mid-August 2010.