Car Free Day is Wednesday, September 22 – All Day Long!

As part of the Town efforts to reduce traffic congestion, increase air quality and make for all around healthier lifestyle, let’s look for great ways to get to work or school on time this coming Wednesday, September 22nd, without using a car!  If nothing else, find a way to add people to your car  (reducing vehicles on the road) or reduce miles driving by taking advantage of Park & Ride areas where you can catch Chapel Hill Transit for a fare free ride!

Following are great ways for making our lives and our community healthier, greener and all around an even better place to work and play!

Bicycle – Bike racks are on the front of all Chapel Hill buses if needed!  Tip:  Remember bike helmets can make a big difference if a fall occurs.

Walk or Run – Enjoy the time for thought, cool Fall air and the healthy breathing that walking or running brings!  Tip:  Remember to be careful to watch carefully at all crossings, and be sure to be able to hear what’s going on around you (watch that music level)!

Scooter, Rollerblading & Skateboarding – Helmets are important with these modes of travel, as well as listening for warnings on your journey!

Carpool – If all else fails, having more people in your car and less cars on the road still makes a significant difference to our air quality as well as reducing traffic congestion.  Tip:  Watch out for the other drivers on the road as well as all those that will be walking or cycling!

Chapel Hill Transit: The Town of Chapel Hill has a great fleet of buses offering fare free rides anywhere in Chapel Hill – Carrboro.  Triangle Transit offers service into Chapel Hill from all over the Triangle area including Pittsboro and Hillsborough!  Tip:  Riding the bus offers time to collect your thoughts, read, meet new people or just enjoy not driving  to work!  To find the best routes and times for using transit, check out the Trip Planner at – just add the times of travel and where you’re going – and the best routes and times will be offered to you for your planning!

Driving Less – Feeling Great!