Golden Modes award winners announced!

Awards Recognize Achievers in Alternate Transportation

On July 8, several Go Chapel Hill-Carrboro program participants were recognized for outstanding alternative transportation efforts at the The Golden Modes – Annual Triangle Commuter Awards event held by the area Go Triangle Transportation Demand Management Coordination Program. The transportation initiative recognizes those who contribute to local efforts of keeping our air clean and green while reducing traffic congestion.

The Town of Chapel Hill was recognized at the Regional 2011 – 2012 TDM Awards for achieving the second-largest percentage of employees (in the 500 to 999 employee category) to participate in the Smart Commute Challenge program and agreeing to use alternative transportation sometime during April or May.  The first place award went to Time Warner Cable. Phil Mason from the Town of Chapel Hill Planning Department was selected as one of the regional award winners for the Smart Commute Challenge.  Mason frequently uses alternative transportation to travel to work.  Congratulations to Phil Mason for winning an iPod Nano in the 2011 Smart Commute Challenge.

Golden Mode Regional Awards Recognize Chapel Hill – Carrboro Locals!

  • Golden Spoke – Goes to Top cyclists (most miles traveled, most interesting commute, multi-modal) and companies that support cycling (offers facilities, coordinates with local businesses to provide showers, etc).  The 2011 Golden Spoke award goes to a group called Spoke N Revolutions.  “Spoke N Revolutions is a challenging and rewarding exploration program promoting an active, health conscious lifestyle, while providing a support structure to facilitate personal development at home, school, as well as in the community (Spoke N Revolution website).”  This non-profit organization is integral to the bicycle community both young and old in Chapel Hill and Carrboro and makes a presence in bicycling events throughout the area lending a hand whenever possible in both the planning and implementation process.  Go Chapel Hill-Carrboro congratulates Spoke N Revolution on receiving the Golden Spoke Award. 

Enri Arroyo and Ife Keith representing Spoke N Revolution accept the Golden Spoke Award

  • Golden Sneaker – Goes to a pedestrian and/or pedestrian friendly company.  This year’s Golden Sneaker award goes to Jack Spratt Café on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.  Owners Kyle Heath and Jason Ray make a point of encouraging both employees and customers to walk, bike or use transit to and from the Café for morning coffee or evening drinks.  Most all of the employees and customers walk to the café.  The business has been involved for several years in a hands on approach with participation in community alternative transportation events and will be hosting several upcoming green transportation events in the next few months.  The owners not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk using the Chapel Hill sidewalks to get to and from work without a vehicle daily.  Go Chapel Hill Carrboro congratulates Jack Spratt Café on receiving the Golden Sneaker award.

Jack Sprat Café representative Kevin Hogan receives regional 2011 Golden Sneaker Award.

  • Golden Ticket – Goes to a champion of transit (in the ambassador program, always working with fellow employees to get them on the correct buses, etc) and/or company that offers great transit benefits.  The Golden Ticket award for 2011 goes to Ellen Perry of Carrboro.  Perry is a frequent user and champion of the Chapel Hill Transit system.  She participates regularly in workshops helping to encourage others to understand how to use Chapel Hill Transit.  She offers information to staff on making both the Para Transit and larger CH Transit System rider friendly for everyone.  Perry never hesitates to help the Town when needed and offers new perspectives on understanding how to better communicate information to the community regarding public transit use!  Go Chapel Hill – Carrboro congratulates Ellen Perry on receiving the Golden Ticket Award.


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