Nominate Best Commuter You Know Golden Modes Awards Time!!!


Every year the regional Go Smart alternative commute program, rewards individuals, employers & organizations committed to promoting sustainable transportation, improving our environment and reducing tra­ffic.

As part of the regional Go Smart program, Go Chapel Hill encourages you to take a few minutes to nominate an individual or company to let them know their dedication to smart commuting is appreciated – you can even nominate yourself!  Just use the blue links below to visit the short nomination form. Winners will be recognized at the 2014 Golden Modes Award Ceremony in RTP on November13th.

Nominations close Tuesday August 18th. 

Click here to Nominate a Commuter:  Recognize someone who is committed to getting to work/school without driving alone.  Awards include:

  • Golden Spoke – for bicyclists
  • Golden Ticket – for transit riders
  • Golden Sneaker – for walkers/runners
  • Pool Party Award – for carpoolers/vanpoolers
  • Multimode innovator – for those using a combination of modes to travel

Click here to Nominate an Employer or Employer Transportation Coordinator: Recognize an employer or staff member that offers excellent commuter benefits. Awards include:

  • Employer Commute Champion – employer that offers top-tier commuter benefits and facilities
  • Employer Commute Honors – employer with most improved commuter benefits over the past year (August 2014 – July 2015)
  • ETC Honors – Recognize a workplace coordinator who shows a commitment to smart commuting and takes exemplary efforts to encourage employees to do the same.

Nominate a Community Champion  Community Impact Honors recognize a volunteer group, community organization, individual advocate, elected official or community event that has made a meaningful contribution to or impact on improving regional transportation options – whether through partnerships, planning, education or awareness.

Thank you for your support!  We look forward to seeing you in November at the Annual Golden Modes Award Ceremony.  Stay tuned for a specific date and location – exciting news is coming!!