Chapel Hill Recognized for Public Outreach for Active Transportation


Joe the Duck

The Town of Chapel Hill’s Go Chapel Hill program received two awards for Excellence in Transportation Demand Management given by the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT).

The Town received the Outstanding Public Sector Award for its efforts in outreach to young professionals and other people who normally walk or bike to work. “Joe the Duck” (pictured) was created to draw attention to safety efforts. Participants were also given a cup of coffee as a thank you for targeted travel behavior. This award recognizes the development and implementation of a product, program, promotion, service, or marketing campaign designed to meet an identified commuter need or concern.

Go Chapel Hill also received the Marketing and Outreach Private Sector Award for projects under $5,000 in cost.

The ACT Excellence in Transportation Demand Management awards are given annually for innovative concepts, creative solutions, professional achievement and leadership.

The Town’s transportation partner, Go Triangle, also received an ACT Award for Marketing and Outreach Public Sector Award Under $5000.

ACT is an international trade association and advocate for commuter transportation and transportation demand management. Commuting by bus, train, rideshare, bike, walking or telework improves our world by contributing to energy independence, better air quality, sustainability, urban mobility and reduced congestion.

Go Chapel Hill promotes alternative transportation in order to reduce traffic, keep the air clean and offer healthier lifestyle for citizens.  Promotions include the Town’s Transportation Management Plan program with local business owners as well as through special events while partnering with the University and the Town of Carrboro. For more information visit:

Chapel Hill is working to make the community safer for travelers. Help us become a safer place to walk, bike and drive. For more information, visit: