Currently Chapel Hill is working with residents, students, employees towards our common goal of making Chapel Hill streets and sidewalks better, safer, and more conducive to walking and biking .

Mobility and Connectivity CH June 30 2016


While the “pla-nerds” call it “Mobility and Connectivity” (and they got to name the study), don’t let the name intimidate you. This is a study of how we get “get from A to B” (or to UNC) in Chapel Hill.    Where we want to go and what make us not want to walk and bike there.

Please share your knowledge of the Chapel Hill area. From sidewalks that may be too narrow, to intersections that don’t work well for pedestrians and bicyclists, we need to hear from you.

Give us direct feedback, and meet the people involved in this effort at the  Public Input Session – June 30th at the Chapel Hill Public Library.

Share your opinions online through the  Mobility and Connectivity Survey.

Share your observations, including new sidewalk needs onto a map using our wikimap.

We look forward to seeing you out and about  – at the Library, on our greenways, or strolling around town.

Chapel Hill – a better place to walk and bike