Meeting Date, Time, and Location

A public input-information session on Transportation Impact Analysis for Ephesus Church Road-Fordham Boulevard (EF) Area will be held on Wednesday, October 12th from 6pm to 7:30pm in Room B of the Chapel Hill Public Library, 100 Library Drive.

Background  In 2011, a Traffic Impact Analysis was completed for the EF District.  This analysis was limited to the area of the proposed EF District and included assumptions about future development.  Since the preparation of the 2011 Analysis, assumptions about future land uses have changed based on new information and development interests within and around the District.  In addition, the community has expressed an interest in a revised analysis that expands the study area and includes assessment of all modes of transportation (transit, cycling, walking and driving). Recently, the Town retained services of a qualified consulting firm for the preparation of a Multi-Modal Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) for the EF Area.

Meeting Format The public meeting format will include an overview of the project, study area, and timeline by Town staff followed by a brief presentation of the preliminary TIA scope by the consultant team. Input received during the meeting can be utilized to confirm or expand upon the final TIA scope of work. The range of modifications to the scope will depend upon cost constraints, possible Council consideration and other relevant factors.

For More Information of the EF District Detailed information including the boundaries of the district, on-going roadway construction projects, developments, and previous traffic analysis can be found at:

For More Information  For more information, please contact Kumar Neppalli, Traffic Engineering Manager at or by phone at 919-969-5093.