Weather Can Be Tricky When Out & About!

Transit Schedules:  Be careful to watch the weather as you move about Chapel Hill.  In order to operate more safely, Chapel Hill Transit schedules are subject to change according to weather conditions.  Check for any transit schedule changes when unusual weather approaches. Transit schedules can also vary for Go Triangle and other transit systems, so always check in advance when planning transit trips.

Clothing:  If wearing dark clothing (or in the case of snow white clothing), then remember that it is easy to blend in to the point that motorists might not notice a walker or cyclist.  The brighter the color of clothing the better for best visibility.  Also layering is a good idea when dealing with temperatures that go up and down at different times of day.  And of course, waterproof footwear is always a good idea for melting snows and rain showers.  Don’t forget the umbrella or other rain gear as well!

Lights, Bells, Horns & Whistles:  NC Law requires on bicycles in dark times of day, white lights on the front of a bike and red flashing lights on the back.  Adding more lights is even better for higher visibility (whether walking or cycling).  If you have a bell, horn or whistle, it is great for when a sudden vehicle change occurs and they might not see you but could possibly hear you- when possible bring attention to yourself with motorist when walking or cycling.