Light Rail Station Area Planning Meetings in Chapel Hill Feb 22 – Feb 27

Light Rail Planning Meetings    (News Release from GoTriangle)

Research Triangle Park, NC (February 16, 2017) – GoTriangle is collaborating with the Town of Chapel Hill and the City of Durham on a series of workshops designed to help develop plans for areas near stations of the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project (D-O LRT).

From February 22 through February 27, a team of nationally recognized experts will be working with local government staffers and the public to create land-use plans for light rail stations for consideration by the Chapel Hill Town Council. These efforts started on February 13 with a preview to the Council, and will continue on February 22 with an opening presentation to the community at the Chapel Hill Public Library.

“As work on the Light Rail Project moves forward, the Town of Chapel Hill wants to maximize the benefits of any investment and make sure it supports the goals of the community’s 2020 Plan, said Ben Hitchings, Chapel Hill’s Director of Planning and Development.”

The proposed D-O LRT station areas that are being evaluated are UNC Hospitals, Mason Farm Road, Hamilton Road, Friday Center Drive, Woodmont, Gateway, and Patterson Place. The Patterson Place station is in Durham with that workshop taking place in collaboration with the City of Durham’s ongoing efforts at station-area planning.

During the week, there will be several opportunities for citizens to “check in.” At these meetings, the public will be able to see the progress made by the project team, give input on the preliminary plans, and provide other suggestions.

To accommodate peoples’ different schedules, community check-ins will be held at different times of the day, during weekdays and weekends. (Please see below for the full list of upcoming events).

“This is a great opportunity for residents to come share what they would like to see in their community’s future. Everybody is welcome.” said Patrick McDonough, Manager of Planning for GoTriangle.

On Monday February 27, at 6 P.M. there will be a community open house in the lobby of the Chapel Hill Town Hall, where project staff will be available to answer questions. The initiative will close with a presentation at 7 pm in the Chapel Hill Town Hall Council Chambers.

Additional meetings to address other stations in Durham will be held later in the year.

The public can provide input on the web at The website will be updated each day with information about the project team’s progress and comments from other website visitors.

For more information, contact Mike Charbonneau at 919-485-7413 or Brad Schulz at 919-485-7434.

Chapel Hill Community Opening Presentation for D-O LRT Station Area Workshops
Wednesday, February 22 6:30 P.M.
Chapel Hill Public Library, Meeting Room B
100 Library Dr.

Chapel Hill Station Area Workshop Community Check-In
Thursday, February 23 6 P.M.
Franklin Hotel Ballroom
311 W. Franklin St.

Chapel Hill Station Area Workshop Community Check-In
Saturday, Feb. 25 Noon
Franklin Hotel Ballroom
311 W. Franklin St.

Chapel Hill Community Open House (to review workshop results)
Monday, Feb. 27 6 P.M.
Chapel Hill Town Hall, Council Chambers Lobby
405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Chapel Hill Community Closing Presentation for D-O LRT Station Area Workshops
Monday, Feb. 27 7 P.M.
Chapel Hill Town Hall, Council Chambers
405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

About the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit (D-O LRT) Project

The D-O LRT Project is vital transportation infrastructure that will support 23,000 passenger trips per day by 2040 along the 17.7-mile alignment; provide an alternative to sitting in traffic; connect to local and regional bus service, which enhances mobility for more people, including those without access to a car; complement local plans to focus compact development; manage and channel future growth at station areas; and support and promote economic development.

This station-area planning effort is funded through a $2.1 million competitive grant from the Federal Transit Administration awarded to GoTriangle, the Town of Chapel Hill, the City of Durham, and the Triangle J Council of Governments. The goal of the station-area planning effort is to assist the Town of Chapel Hill and City of Durham to develop station-area plans that best meet the community’s goals for compact, equitable, sustainable development that can be accessed by transit, walking, biking and automobile.

GoTriangle offers safe, reliable, and easy-to-use travel choices including bus, bike, walking, carpool, and vanpool.