New Colorful Signal Boxes

Painted Signal Boxes 2017

Town of Chapel Hill – Newly painted signal boxes enliven the Rosemary Streetscape.

A newly painted signal box at Rosemary and Roberson streets exudes the vibrancy of color and life on the equator; bright colors and optimism abound.  

Artist Daniel LeClaire will soon be painting another signal box at Rosemary and Henderson streets.  He was commissioned to paint the signal boxes through the Creative Projects Program sponsored by the Town of Chapel Hill’s Parks and Recreation Department in collaboration with Traffic Engineering and Public Works.  It is part of the overall effort to enliven the Rosemary Streetscape. 

After recently having returned to the United States after 15 years of living and working in South East Asia, LeClaire’s work explores color and shape to create emotion, movement and as a reminder of the magical world that surrounds us.  His geometric shapes and juxtaposed natural line create movement and expression. The paintings represent mystical journeys, expressing human connection to the rhythmic energies of the cosmos.


Do you walk, bike, run and wheel around Chapel Hill? The Town of Chapel Hill is busy with projects to improve your travel safety and experience with sidewalks, streets, trails and greenways, traffic calming and public art.  The Town of Chapel Hill’s focus on “complete streets” includes traffic slowing measures, public transit, and safe walkways and bike lanes.

Chapel Hill voters authorized $16.2 million in bonds funds in 2015 to repair, connect and construct sidewalks and bike lanes to improve connectivity and safety, and $5 million for construction of new trails and greenways. Learn more at

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