Go Chapel Hill’s Tricky Travel-Time Tips

Tricky Travel Ahead For A While…

It seems that travel could become expensive and difficult as fuel possibly becomes scarce for the next few weeks, or so. Following are reminders and helpful hints for getting, at least, to and from work… or farther.

From Here to There: Rising Price of Fuel Sets Off Thoughts Of Transportation Options To Work

  • Park & Ride: Lots are an option for getting to work by transit including Chapel Hill Transit, Go Raleigh, Go Durham and Go Triangle systems. Triangle Area Park & Ride Lots
  • Chapel Hill Transit is Fare Free! Chapel Hill Transit Routes Schedule
  • Other local systems, running from the east to Chapel Hill have a daily, weekly and larger passes for purchase. Area Transit Passes. Too, there is a PART bus that runs from the west to Chapel Hill. PART Express
  • Carpooling is helpful and many staff live near one another or on the way. If interested, contact me if you want to connect some of the dots from here to there! Go Perks Rewards for Prize Drawings (useful to track trips and possible receive gift cards).
  • Pedestrian Action: Grab a time for healthier lifestyle and walk from home to bus stop or to work.
  • Bicycling: Remember safe cycling with helmet, lights, bright clothing and bells. Review the new NC Bike Laws… most importantly assume that motorists do not see you and practice watchful cycling. Walk/Bike NC Laws
  • Bus/Bike Combo: All buses in the Triangle Area are equipped with racks for bicycles. Easy Bike on Bus Directions!
  • Other: Some skateboard, some unicycle and some rollerblade. Whatever you do . . .

Please do it safely, especially as daylight wanes. I have lots of lights for belt, backpack or bike… so please email me and I will send something your way!

Further Travel: Who Knows What Fuel Supply Will Be Like For A While – Planning Ahead For November and December Travels

  • Amtrak is a great way to get faraway places. Amtrak Information
  • Mega Bus also works well and is inexpensive if booked in advance- clean, safe and with wireless capability! Mega Bus Information
  • Airlines, but a LOT of carbon emissions output.
  • And of course always there are camels… but again the carbon emissions are very high with camels (it’s true)!