Award Nominations Are Open For Alternative Transportation Users & Encouragers!

Thousands of businesses, organizations and people are impacted daily by how many choose, or don’t choose, to get to work by alternative commute modes such as bus, bike, carpool or walk.

The Alternative Commute regional program, Go Triangle, is seeking those that promote or use alternative transportation regularly making a positive impact on air quality, traffic reduction and healthier community in general!

Want a little inspiration for nomination ideas? You can see videos of the 2017, 2016 and 2015 winners from all categories online.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: All nominations must be received by Tuesday, July 31,
2018. All verified nominees will receive a brief phone interview for more information and confirm details of nomination. Thank you!

Nominate your candidate at one of the following links, and more than one nominee is welcome!

Golden Modes Nomination Links

Award: Commuter Nomination Form

Award: Employer Commute Nomination Form

Award: Community Impact Nomination Form

Award: Developers & Property Managers Nomination Form