Town of Chapel Hill – First Bike Box

You’ll see a bright green box at the intersection of West Rosemary and Roberson streets.
It’s designed to give people who ride bicycles a head start when merging into the travel lane where the bike lane ends.

Here’s how it works to improve safety:

• A bike box is a holding location for people on bicycles when stopped at red lights.
• It’s painted in front of the white stop bar where vehicles are required to stop.
• During a red light, the person riding a bicycle should transition from the bike lane into the bike box (in front of motor vehicles).
• When the light turns green, the person riding the bicycle should proceed into the shared travel lane.
• People on bikes should always remain as far right as practicably possible, while avoiding the ‘door zone’ of parked vehicles.
• People in motor vehicles should remain at a safe distance behind the bicycle, unless it is safe to pass (four feet between vehicle and bicycle)
• The shared travel lane transitions back to a separate lane for motor vehicles and a bike lane at the bottom of the hill.

This is the only planned location for a bike box at this time. The Town’s bike/ped staff working group as well as the Transportation and Connectivity Advisory Board are constantly look at ways to improve travel for all modes throughout the town.
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