Storms: Cycling & Pedestrians

Please be mindful during inclement weather to stay posted on current conditions and take measures to remain safe. Some suggestions include:

– Wearing protective head gear such as a bike helmet
– Wearing bright clothing
– Have lighting for backpacks, purses, bags, bicycles, etc.
– Keep in mind that motorists will be watching for all sorts of hazards and might not see you, so be watchful for them.
– Use bells, whistles or horns when needing to get attention
– Watch for falling or flying debris
– Stay indoors when it is not necessary to be on roads or sidewalks.
– Telework if possible to avoid more confusion on sidewalks or streets
– Exercise other safety measures if it is necessary to be outdoors in bad weather…

And of course, be as prepared in advance as possible so as not to need to go out unless there is an emergency.

Always be prepared!