Chapel Hill Town Staff Cycle Streets

The Town Staff  took to the streets in Chapel Hill to get new perspective on just how easy or not-so-easy the streets are to navigate as a cyclist.  Staff noticed bike lanes could be added, lines re-painted,  and some bike lanes being used as loading zones.  Staff also tested bicycles and noted differences in riding regular bicycles and electric bicycles including navigation, quick take off, weight and ease of loading a bike on bus with each type of bicycle.

Steps will now be considered for scheduling re-striping of faded lines, location of possible new bicycle lanes, need for bollards to protect bike lanes from being used in loading zones and other observations for improvements.


FestiFall Chapel Hill Transit Route Detour

Chapel Hill Transit’s CW and D routes will be detoured on Saturday, Oct. 12 for Chapel Hill’s annual Art Festival FestiFall.

Franklin Street will be closed to vehicle traffic from Columbia Street to Merritt Mill Road, closing stops on Franklin Street in between.

Route CW will serve stops along Rosemary Street in both directions on Saturday.

Route D towards Greenbridge will turn onto Columbia Street and use Cameron Avenue to travel to Merritt Mill Road. Route D towards Eastowne will use Rosemary Street to travel to Columbia Street; the route will then continue it’s normal route along Franklin Street.