Happy Telework Week! And we do mean happy: happier employees, happier businesses, happier world! Did you know teleworkers are more content and productive and help save their employer a lot of money? And, of course, more teleworkers mean fewer people on the roads, reducing traffic and carbon emissions. To help more businesses create telework programs and more workers become successful telecommuters, the Triangle J Council of Governments has created a telework toolkit at nctelework.org. You also can learn more about teleworking at gotriangle.org/telework. Here are just a few of the many benefits of a telework program:Here are just a few of the many benefits of a telework program: 1.Increased productivity: A study done at the University of Texas-Austin found that telecommuters worked five to seven more hours each week than their in-office counterparts. 2.Reduced turnover: Employees with an option to telecommute report being much happier in comparison to traditional office workers. This leads to more employees staying with the company. 3.Eco-friendly: Telecommuting can save enough energy to power a million homes in the United States for an entire year! 4.Improved morale: Workplace flexibility promotes a better work-life balance. This leads to happier and less stressed employees who feel more valued. 5.Cost effective: It’s estimated that for each employee who telecommutes, a company saves about $11,000 annually. Teleworking isn’t for everyone and every position. However, 95 percent of employers say telework options have a profound effect on employee retention.