Telework & Cell Phone Conference Call Feature!

With coronavirus being given such close attention, a good solution for continuing the work we do is by encouraging employees to work from home.  Telework can easily be set up and with the cell phone ‘conference call’ feature available, much work can continue from home.

Workflow Continuing Tips

Office Settings:

  • Telework- Follow this link Telework How-To Guide developed by the Triangle J Council of Governments to read about various tips and tricks for the “how to’s” of telework.
  • Cell Phone- Give staff quick trainings on the conference call feature on cell phones and test out in the office. A few central employees should have cell phone numbers of all staff for communication if not everyone has home computer options.
  • Keep every surface wiped down daily.
  • Exercise the “stay home if sick” option.
  • Video Conference Feature – Explore various programs such as Zoom, Skype, Teams and other programs.

Other settings:

  • Cleanliness and wipes daily.
  • Explore new ways to provide services.
  • Develop toolkits for public “take out” of services.
  • Ramp up your online presence.
  • Exercise the “stay home if sick” option.
  • Encourage those employees that can, to telework.

Please help keep everyone well by not panicking, but rather by practicing good workplace habits during the weeks and months to come.