Vets On the Move – Commute Options Event June 25 at 140 West Franklin 4 pm – 6 pm

The Vets on the Move program provides assistance with alternative transportation for veterans who are transitioning into civilian life. Learn more at the Veterans Commute Options Event from 4 to 6 p.m. Friday, June 25, at 140 West Franklin Plaza.  Everyone is asked to please wear a mask and maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from non-household members.

At the event, veterans can get more information about the ride-along buddy program and alternative transportation in Chapel Hill (transit, biking, walking, or rolling). Get a Commute Toolkit and find out your best routes, try electric bicycles and sign up for monthly gift card drawings.

PTSD triggers can make getting to work or appointments difficult for veterans. The Vets on the Move program assists veterans in using public transportation to get to work and medical or mental health appointments. Ride-along buddies will accompany those needing someone to ride along for three sessions until they are comfortable using public transportation alone.

Volunteers, including veterans and Town of Chapel Hill employees, helped to develop the program, which was envisioned by Len Cone, Town of Chapel Hill Transportation Demand Community Manager. This is one of two similar programs in the country, and the only program like this on the East Coast.

Len says, “The Town’s Go Chapel Hill program strives to find ways that everyone can use commute choices other than a single occupancy vehicle to get to where they need to go.  Not everyone has access to a car and the Vets On The Move program offers services to veterans in assisting them to understand all the options available in Chapel Hill.  This is a very small thing we can do, compared to all that they have given to us.  We are thankful for our Veterans’ service.”

For more information on Vets on the Move and transportation alternatives, visit