Go Chapel Hill Friday Focus VI – Carry Your Commute Torch!

Go Wyatt & Rachel Archer! GO CHAPEL HILL!

The 2021 Olympic Games and Team USA have seen success at many levels!   You still have time to be a torch-carrying Go Chapel Hill team member!   Olympic athletes use alternative transportation to get around. Team USA athletes take the skateboard, roller blade, bus, telework, ride bicycles, carpool, roll, and walk.   New Town of Chapel Hill employee, Wyatt Archer, and wife Rachel carry the torch for inspiring them for getting to work – commenting that they love combining skateboard and roller blades to get to the bus and that they are great tools for getting around once at work, as well!
Send goch@townofchapelhill.org images of you using alternate transportation with your home-designed torch so we can add it to GoChapelHill.org supporting Team USA.
Commute options are good for your health and the earth, too.  Join the GO CH Birthday Club for great giveaway benefits!