CHT S Route is in Full Service

Starting September 26, Chapel Hill Transit’s S Route will return to full service. As a result of improved staffing levels, all previously suspended trips will be restored on the popular S route serving UNC’s campus and the Friday Center South Park and Ride lot. Service will be available departing the Friday Center South Park and Ride lot as early as 6 a.m. with the last trip returning to the lot at 7:52 p.m. 

The complete schedule and route map is available here. Follow Chapel Hill Transit on Twitter for the latest service updates, including any temporary service interruptions.

CAR-FREE DAY September 22

Be sure to leave your car at home either before, on, or anytime you can to celebrate NO CARS ON THE ROAD! Use bicycle, bus, walk, carpool and/or telework to get to work (or errand or recreation)! Great weather to begin a new journey to work!

Travel Pursuit Game Going On – Join Others In the Fun!

How to Play?

Complete a trip or activity in each “color” column to collect that Triangle Travel Pursuit wedge.

Activities have to be something you’ve never done before.

Circle which activities you’ve completed – at least one in each color.



Download English Game Board

Descargar Tablero de juego en Español

How to Win?

To win, you upload an image of your card or complete an online card form at  to collect your final Pink Travel Pursuit wedge – a requirement to receive our prize.