Real Time Bus Tracking Returns for CHT

Long-awaited technology is convenient for CHT customers.

Town of Chapel Hill

Real-time bus tracking on Chapel Hill Transit will be ready for use Monday, March 13. After an extended period without the convenient technology, we are excited to offer it to our customers. All of Chapel Hill Transit buses have been upgraded with the necessary equipment and a testing phase has been completed.

The NextBus app can show nearby stops, routes, travel direction, and the estimated departure time of buses. The app also can link customers to walking directions, set alerts, and provide agency information. Customers can download the NextBus app from their device’s app store.

It is important to note that NextBus will not track the B, CCX, or JFX routes. Those routes continue to be operated by Carolina Livery. For customers waiting in our bus shelters, they will find the LED arrival-departure board is not operational. Those boards rely on out-dated technology that is not compatible with the newly installed bus equipment. The blue information boards will work.

Meanwhile, we are progressing with the next generation of real-time bus tracking. While the NextBus technology and app will be useful, there will be another upgrade for our customers. The GMV Synchromatics project continues and is on schedule for completion later this summer. GMV bus tracking will include the features of our current system, and customers will also benefit from improved accuracy and bus capacity information.

We thank you for your patience throughout this time and for your ridership every day.