Active Businesses

Go! Chapel Hill is committed to helping businesses and their employees drive less and lead healthier lifestyles.  By working with Go! Chapel Hill, you can make your business environment more conducive to physical activity.  Walking and biking to work are healthy alternatives to driving alone and come with the additional benefit of improving our town’s environment.

Spread the word about the benefits of daily physical activity to your employees and coworkers!

Active employees are more reliable:

Health promotion, as well as organized fitness and exercise programs in the workplace have been shown by researchers to reduce absenteeism at work.

Unhealthy employees cost their employers more money:

Excess illness costs in one study of more than 45,000 employees showed that per person, the excess costs to the employer by risk factor were:Overweight:

  • $401Elevated cholesterol: $370
  • High blood pressure: $343
  • Lack of exercise: $130

Workplace physical activity programs can:

  • Reduce short-term sick leave up to 32 percent
  • Reduce health care costs by 20 to 55 percent
  • Increase productivity by as much as 52 percent
Chapel Hill Transit Employees Exercising at Work

Chapel Hill Transit Employees Get Active at Work!

Healthy Family Challenge

Healthy Family Challenge - Graduating Class
Graduating Class and Coaches of the Eleven Week Healthy Family Challenge Program

Save on the Commute to Work!


Jump into a vanpool.
There are 22 routes that serve I-40/440. Will one work for you?
A vanpool is just like a carpool, except the van, insurance, and maintenance are all taken of by Triangle Transit for a low monthly fare.

To find out if one of our vans will fit your commute, visit the Vanpool page. Just hit “Find a Vanpool” to get a chart of our current pools.