Go Buddy!

Please read all information below for more regarding cycling in Chapel Hill, Bike Buddy program and other bicycle news!  Contact goch@townofchapelhill.org if you would like to have assistance in cycling to and from work a few times! Following are brief trainings to be ready for a buddy to accompany you on your first few trip to work, please be sure to read the training information!

Summer of Cycling the Underground Railroad & Life Lessons Learned

Triangle Bikeworks is a youth development organization with a mission to strengthen the power of youth who are Black, Latine, Asian, Indigenous, and People Of Color to overcome challenges, achieve audacious goals, and discover their true selves.

Discover more at www.trianglebikeworks.org

 Low Gas Offers No Fee Cycling & Transit Opportunity!

As finding affordable gas for cars becomes more difficult, it becomes easier to grab a bicycle and get to where we need to be!  And if it is a long way to work or errands, put your bike on a bus (all are no charge and all have bike racks)!  Check out the How to Load Bike on Bus Video and don’t forget to grab the Maps for Chapel Hill, Carrboro and UNC-CH for best local routes!  AND Chapel Hill Transit Routes/Schedules easily found online! 


North Carolina Bicycle Laws in Five Languages

Thank you Carrboro Bicycle Coalition

North Carolina Bike Laws


Go Buddy (Bike) Program

The First Trip Can Be Tricky

Taking that first trip is sometimes tricky when not being familiar with how to get from here to there.  Chapel Hill offers a way to get to know that new way to get about by bicycle, bus, walk or telework for work.  A buddy can offer information on what is the best beginning of that new way for work.  Contact us at goch@townofchapelhill.org for additional informationNote:  During the COVID 19 pandemic, the program is temporarily waiting regarding the travel buddy, BUT the no charge travel package is available for order as well as other information and assistance.  

Go Buddy Basics

1. Concerned About An Emergency?

  • Set up a free account at Emergency Ride Home for Triangle Area
  • If an emergency arises and you need to arrive home immediately (or you get sick or twist an ankle, etc.) go to the website to get a Zero Charge Ride Home
  • Once the account is set up, just call the number and a taxi will come to you at NO CHARGE and take you anywhere you need to go for any REAL emergency!

2.  What About My Best Route?

  • Go Chapel Hill provides Individualized Route Planning assistance, Bike Maps, NC Bicycle Laws, safety equipment such as lights, bells or whistles, as well as other useful bicycle gear.
  • Once COVID 19 is managed, a buddy for riding to work for a few days, will begin providing ways to feel more comfortable when riding on the roads of Chapel Hill.  To be part of the Go Buddy Bicycle program, email goch@townofchapelhill.org for more information

3.  Are There Any Incentives?  

A:  Earn Points Towards Drawings Year-Round

     B:  Coffee Commute Club – Starbucks Wooden Nickel

  • Join Commute Birthday Benefits at the  Go Chapel Hill Website
  • Use your bicycle or other forms of alternative transportation 4 times annually
  • Receive a Wooden Nickel for a free drink at Starbucks

4.  How Do I Find Out About Current or New Information?

For up to date information follow Go Chapel Hill at

  • Twitter         @GoChapelHill
  • Instagram    Go Chapel Hill
  • Facebook     Go Chapel Hill (.org)
  • Facebook     Joe – Switching Gears Duck (youth information)
  • Website       GoChapelHill.org

Go Buddy – Transit

Chapel Hill Transit System has masks available for anyone that rides Chapel Hill Transit and there is limited ridership per bus in order to make sure there is distance for all riding.  For information regarding Chapel Hill Transit, routes & schedules and how to ride transit, can be found online.  There is no fare upon entry to the buses – a Zero Fare System!

Scheduled for 2021, the Go Buddy program should begin.

How Do I Ride on a Chapel Hill Transit Bus:  How to Ride Guide

General Information:  Chapel Hill Transit General Information

Routes & Schedule:  Chapel Hill Transit Routes and Schedules

Where To Park and Ride CHT:  Park & Ride

EZ Rider (para-transit service) is a demand-response, shared ride service providing origin-to-destination (generally means door to door) service on an advance reservation basis. EZ Rider transports individuals who are unable to use the fixed route system (some or all of the time) due to a disability in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). EZ Rider uses lift-equipped vehicles serving the Town of Chapel Hill, the Town of Carrboro and surrounding areas within ¾ of a mile of the fixed-route bus system. For more information regarding para-transit-EZ Rider Service

Go Buddy – Bike

  • Go Chapel Hill provides Individualized Route Planning assistance, Bike Maps, NC Bicycle Laws, safety equipment such as lights, bells or whistles, as well as other useful bicycle gear.  Contact goch@townofchapelhill.org for this package of information.
  • Once COVID 19 is managed, a buddy for riding to ride for a few days, will begin to provide ways to feel more comfortable when riding on the roads of Chapel Hill.  To be part of the Go Buddy Bicycle program, email goch@townofchapelhill.org for more information
  • To be part of the the Go Buddy Bike program, it is important to receive several trainings following.

Training Part I:  To Be Part of the Go Buddy Bike program please view the following required video and answer a quick set of questions based on info learned in the following video. Answer a Few Questions About the Video

2.  Bike on Bus Practice Rack & Fix It Station

  • To learn how to load a bicycle onto a bus check out the practice rack on Franklin Street in front of Carolina Coffee Shop next to the CHT Bus Stop
  • For access to bicycle adjustment tools for quick adjustment, check out the Fix-It Station across from the Bus Practice Rack
  • Be sure to wear, mask, gloves, wash hands and use hand sanitizer before and after use

Training Part II:  Please watch the following video and send 2 lessons learned to goch@townofchapelhill.org .  

How to Load A Bike Onto Bus, Town of Carrboro-OC-GoCH

2. Bicycle Training Videos 

Training Part III:  As part of Go Buddy Bike training, please watch at least 5 of  following videos  and send 2 lessons learned from each of the five videos to goch@townofchapelhill.org  

Video 1 – You Don’t Have To Be In The Band To Bicycle, Go ChapelHill

Video 2 – NC Bicycle Laws, Chapel Hill Police

Video 3 – Garage to Street, Bicycle A, B, C’s – The Clean Machine 

Video 4 – Street Cycling & Parking a Bike, Town of Chapel Hill

Video 5 – Easy Riding Trails in Orange County, OC

Video 6 – UNC-CH Bike Map Info for Campus, Chapel Hill & Carrboro, TDM UNC-CH  

Video 7 – Cycling Safety Tips, Watch For Me NC

Video 8 – Bolts, Breaks, & Tires – Back Alley Bikes

Video 9 – Bike Alliance Chapel Hill (BACH) – Who We Are

Video 10 – Carrboro Bike Coalition (CBC) – Who We Are!

Video 11 – The ReCYCLEry – Who We Are!

Video 12 –  Cycling & Emergency Vehicles, Drive Safely,Ride Safely- OC

Video 13 – Let’s Go Biking – NCDOT

 Video 14 – Shifting Gears – League of American Bicyclists

Video 15 – Starting & Stopping – League of American Bicyclists 

Video 16 – Who is the Carrboro Bike Coalition & What do they do!!?

End of Go Buddy Trainings


Ribbon Your Bicycle

. . . As a thank you to the front line heroes taking care of the community!

Use ribbons, flags, streamers or anything that Will Show Thanks and post an image of your bicycle on Twitter and Instagram #GoChapelHillSalutetoHeros!

Bike Salute Ribbon I


Bicycle Month 2020


Bike Picture Or Art Contest

Age Group-  12 years & under, 13 – 17, 18 & above!

Get You Name in the Hat for Gift Card Drawings!


1. Take a picture of a bicycle (you can be on the bike if you like)… OR, Draw a picture of a decorated bicycle.

2. Email to goch@townofchapelhill.org with understanding that submissions could be posted on Social Media!

3. Include your name, age, email and phone number

4. Drawings on June 1st – Winners will be notified by email and some pictures will be posted on the GoChapelHill.org webpage.

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Great Ideas To Enjoy Bike to School Day – Practicing

1- GET OUT THERE: Get out for a walk or ride with your family! Can you take a ride around your neighborhood? Or take a walk to hunt for chalk art or signs created by others near you? Share a photo of your family or a location on your route with the tag #GoChapelHill.

2- SHARE: Do you have safety concerns with walking or biking around your neighborhood? Send information to goch@townofchapelhill.org

3- TALK: Hold a five-minute interview with family members about their experience walking or biking. Tag with #GoChapelHill and send to goch@townofchapelhill.org .  Look into online resources and biking and walking activities encouraged by your state or community transportation departments and advocacy groups

Chapel Hill Receives Silver Bike Friendly Community Designation


The League of American Bicyclists has named Chapel Hill a Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) at the silver level, an improvement from bronze.

“Chapel Hill is working to create a safer cycling environment and to make cycling a more convenient everyday choice,” said Bergen Watterson, the Town’s transportation planning manager. “We are especially pleased to see the improvement in our ranking, which reflects the staff work and public commitment toward this goal.”

The five levels of the BFC award – diamond, platinum, gold, silver and bronze, plus an honorable mention category and a no designation level – provide a clear incentive for communities to continuously improve. Only two communities in North Carolina are at the silver level – Chapel Hill and Carrboro. The designation level is for four years.

According to the Dec. 6, 2018, announcement letter: “This decision involved careful review of your application and supplemental materials, as well as consultation with local cyclists and bike advocates. As you know, this award is presented only to communities with strong commitments to bicycling.  You should be very proud of this accomplishment.”

About the Bicycle Friendly America Program

The Bicycle Friendly Community,  Bicycle Friendly State,  Bicycle Friendly Business and Bicycle Friendly University programs are generously supported by program partner Eco-Counter and by League Members. To learn more about building a Bicycle Friendly America, visit www.bikeleague.org/BFA

Get Counted!

Chapel Hill is committed to increasing bicycling in the community through the improvement of streets, bike lanes and greenways within the Town’s jurisdiction.  The Town Council adopted the Bicycle Plan in 2014 and in November 2015 Chapel Hill voters approved a $16.2 million bond measure which includes funding for bike lanes, greenways and other streetscape improvements that will improve biking and walking throughout Chapel Hill.   More information about the Chapel Hill Bike Plan can be found here.

We have bike and pedestrian counters along 5 of our greenways.  The data collected so far is just one number but soon we we will be able to report who is on 2 feet and who is on 2 wheels.

Go enjoy your greenways!  We want you to help us make these numbers increase.


Too far to bike?  Consider bike and busing it!

Did you know that all Chapel Hill buses are equipped to carry two bicycles?  GoTriangle, too!

Check out  a “how to” video below and learn more about this program

Bicycle Education and Resources

Be sure to prepare yourself and know the rules of the road before heading out on your bike.  Below are some resources that will help turn you into the savvy commuter you have always wanted to be:

Bike Parking at Scroggs Elementary at Southern Village

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