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2022 Tar Heel Express Service

This season, we are proud to announce service from two Park and Ride locations and a third from vibrant downtown Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill Transit provides Tar Heel Express service to Kenan Stadium for every UNC home football game. This season, we are proud to announce service from two Park and Ride locations and a third from vibrant downtown Chapel Hill. Fans can board Tar Heel Express at:

We encourage fans to get to town early and enjoy the energy of gameday before heading to the stadium for kickoff. There is nothing like Franklin Street in the fall, and with Tar Heel Express service it is even easier to dine, play, and shop before the game. Fans staying in downtown hotels are welcome to use the service and hotels are encouraged to connect their shuttles to Tar Heel Express at the Carolina Coffee Shop. Please note, there is no free parking associated with the downtown stop.

Riding Tar Heel Express

  • Buses drop off and pick up on South Road, in front of Carmichael Auditorium.
  • Buses depart every 10-15 minutes, or when full, and run continuously until game time.
  • Buses run for approximately 45 minutes after the game.
  • One-way tickets are $3; a round-trip ticket is $5. CASH ONLY.
  • No fee is charged to park at the park and ride lots listed above.
  • Masks are required aboard buses.
  • Fans are encouraged to arrive early and expect crowds.
  • Items that are prohibited at Kenan Stadium are also prohibited on Chapel Hill Transit.

Stay updated at chtransit.org and Tar Heel Express

2022 Tar Heel Football Games

  • UNC v. Florida A&M, Aug. 27, 8 p.m.
  • UNC v. Notre Dame, Sept. 24, TBA
  • UNC v. Virginia Tech, Oct. 1, TBA
  • UNC v. Pittsburgh, Oct. 29, TBA
  • UNC v. Georgia Tech, Nov. 19, TBA
  • UNC v. NC State, Nov. 25, TBA


Try Park & Ride Lots and Catch Chapel Hill Transit!

Try Park & Ride lots to quickly park your car and connect with Chapel Hill Transit!


Helpful Resources for Planning a Trip

Go Triangle Trip Planner:  https://gotriangle.org/trip-planner 

Plan Your Trip: maps.google.com 

Track Your Bus: triangle.transloc.com 

UNC Bike Map: maps.unc.edu/bicycles

Department on Aging Orange County:  Senior Adult Transportation Link Information

Chapel Hill Transit Adjusting Bus Routes

Chapel Hill Transit will begin running routes altered route schedules during COVID-19 pandemic. Some routes will have reduced service and some routes will be operated by a third-party contractor.

COVID safety protocols will continue to impact how Chapel Hill Transit provides service. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chapel Hill Transit leaders made service adjustments in real time, focusing on:

  • Operator and customer safety
  • Facilitating social distancing on vehicles
  • Providing transit access to community members with the fewest mobility options, and
  • Restoring transit service that supports access to jobs, healthcare, education and other essential services.

Chapel Hill Transit will continue to balance the safety of transit operators and customers, and providing options for community who rely on transit services, with staffing challenges and increased customer needs.


Chapel Hill Transit has taken a number of steps to ensure our customers’ safety while on the bus.

  • All customers and team members are required to wear masks while on transit vehicles
  • Chapel Hill Transit vehicles are cleaned multiple times a day
  • New ultra-violet technology, which kills the coronavirus that causes COVID on surfaces, has been installed on all vehicles
  • Special HEPA filtration units, proven effective against the virus, have been installed on all vehicles
  • Barriers have been installed between seating benches to provide physical separation between people


Chapel Hill Transit is experiencing a critical shortage of operators. “We are working hard to develop schedules that provide a high level of service and can be maintained throughout the fall,” says Brian Litchfield, director of Chapel Hill Transit.

“We have more than 30 full-time operation positions available,” says Litchfield. “We’ve had to look at a number of ways to provide the service we will need this fall, with a focus on balancing the needs of customers with our staffing levels. As a Chapel Hill Transit customer, I understand what this means to our customers and community, and I am committed to returning to standard service levels as our staffing allows.”

Chapel Hill Transit is actively recruiting bus operators for full and part-time positions, paid-training, and excellent benefits. Anyone interested can apply at: townofchapelhill.org/jobs.

Chapel Hill Transit is finalizing a contract with Carolina Livery to provide service for the B route, CCX route and JFX route. Carolina Livery will provide all the trips for those routes until further notice.

“We’re working with their team to ensure those buses have good signage and reliable service,” says Nick Pittman, Chapel Hill Transit’s planning manager. “There are some drawbacks like not being able to use NextBus to track the vehicles and operators who are as knowledgeable about the Chapel Hill and Carrboro area. This is meant to be temporary until we can hire enough operators to resume providing the service for these routes.”

In addition to Carolina Livery taking over these three services, Chapel Hill Transit is reducing service on some of our most frequent routes including the: J route, NS route, NU route, RU route and S route.


“With our operator shortage, the team members we do have are working extra hard to provide quality service. But operators still get sick, need to take care of family members, and make mistakes,” said Brian Litchfield. “Please be patient with our team members as we adjust to providing more service to more people.”

To have the best experience riding Chapel Hill Transit, please:

  • Get to your stop early
    Mistakes happen, and fewer operators mean fewer team members who can make up for late buses. Customers should leave room in their schedules in case there is a traffic delay or missed trip that affects the trip they planned to take.
  • Have questions? Ask your operator respectfully and from a safe distance
    While many team members are vaccinated, some have not been able to be vaccinated. Operators interact with hundreds of people daily, please respect their personal space and interact with them kindly and respectfully.
  • Have patience
    Fall is always a difficult time, with many additional cars filling Chapel Hill and Carrboro streets, and pedestrians and cyclists commuting throughout the community. Safety is Chapel Hill Transit’s operators’ top priority, please be patient with transit operators and give yourself more time than normal to get to your destination.
  • Tell us if you have issues
    The Chapel Hill Transit administrative team is available to help with any issues. Please share any concerns with them via email: chtransit@townofchapelhill.org or phone: (919) 969-4900



Chapel Hill Transit Accessible to All

Wheelchair On Bus

Chapel Hill Transit Accessibility and Service Information

Chapel Hill Transit Website

COVID-19 Update For EZ Rider

EZ Rider will operate from 5:30 a.m. until 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. on Saturdays and from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Sundays. Our cleaning schedule for our vehicles have been increased so that each vehicle is being cleaned and sanitized daily.

We are counseling our operators about the best ways to remain healthy, especially while working with customers. Any questions during this time can be directed to 919.969.4919.

About EZ Rider Service

EZ Rider (paratransit service) is a demand-response, shared ride service providing origin-to-destination (generally means door to door) service on an advance reservation basis. EZ Rider transports individuals who are unable to use the fixed route system (some or all of the time) due to a disability in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). EZ Rider uses lift-equipped vehicles serving the Town of Chapel Hill, the Town of Carrboro and surrounding areas within ¾ of a mile of the fixed-route bus system.

EZ Rider may be able to provide temporary service to customers who are not able to use the bus system due to a change in physical ability or bus service. To see if you qualify for temporary access to EZ-Rider, call: 919.969.4920.

Hours of Operation & Holidays

Chapel Hill Transit operates the following days and times:

Monday – Friday: 5:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Sunday:  10:30 AM – 11:00 PM

EZ Rider within the town limits of Chapel Hill and Carrboro on a demand-only basis. Reservations for Sunday service must be requested no later than noon on the Friday prior to the requested Sunday service date.


Reservations can be reached Sunday – Saturday from 8:30am – 5:00pm.


Saturday Service operates on the following Holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Good Friday, Christmas Eve, Day after Thanksgiving, Day after Christmas.

EZ Rider is closed on the following Holidays: New Years’ Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.


Ped Crossing


The Chapel Hill Police Department urges motorists and pedestrians to be extra cautious at new pedestrian refuge islands and crosswalks along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and East Franklin Street.

The pedestrian islands and crosswalks are located mainly at mid-block crossing locations with bus stops on both sides. The pedestrian refuge islands and crosswalks add to the convenience and comfort for pedestrians crossing major roads.

Police caution that pedestrians should not feel overly secure when using a marked crosswalk – to the degree that they may aggressively place themselves in a hazardous position. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to obey the North Carolina law that says they must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. For this reason, pedestrians should remain alert while crossing.

Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard as well as Franklin Street are multi-lane roadways. Therefore, drivers should yield to pedestrians entering the cross-walk on their side of the roadway only. If pedestrians are in the cross-walk but crossing in front of the opposite lanes of travel, drivers do not have to yield. Drivers are cautioned, though, to be vigilant and watchful for pedestrians that place themselves in a hazardous position by crossing the street at unmarked crosswalks or failing to make sure that it is safe before crossing. For this reason, drivers should remain alert as they approach all pedestrian cross-walks.

Drivers should also be cognizant of other drivers when approaching cross walks, anticipating that the vehicle directly in front of you may have to stop suddenly to either avoid hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians:

• Even though Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and E. Franklin Street now have several cross walks enabling citizens to safely cross the street and reach their destinations, pedestrians should ensure before entering a cross walk that driver’s have stopped their vehicles and that it is safe to cross.

• Before entering the cross walk, pedestrians should make sure that traffic in the closest lanes of travel has stopped. Upon reaching the pedestrian islands, pedestrians should check again to make sure that it’s safe before continuing through the cross walk to the other side of the roadway.

• At these marked crosswalks (where traffic control signals are not in place) drivers of vehicles should yield the right of way, slowing down or stopping if need be to so yield, to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within the crosswalks.

Safety Tips for Drivers:

• When approaching a crosswalk, be prepared to stop for pedestrians.

• Failure to yield to a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk is a violation of North Carolina law.

• Similarly, North Carolina law also prohibits drivers from passing other vehicles that are stopped for pedestrians.

• Do not wave people across or flash your headlights; this could be dangerous if another vehicle is approaching.

• Instead, try to make eye contact with pedestrians to reassure them that they have been seen.

• Chapel Hill Police may ticket motorists who do not yield to pedestrians or attempt to pass vehicles that are stopped for pedestrians, and the monetary penalty can be $235 or more

Crosswalks Locations Needing Attention:

• Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (NC 86) between Piney Mountain Road and Timber Hollow Court
• Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (NC 86) near Estes Drive
• Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (NC 86) near UNC Highway Safety Research Center/Hillsborough Street
• Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (NC 86) near Town Hall
• East Franklin Street near Elizabeth Street
• East Franklin Street near Couch Road

Chapel Hill Transit will run the CL and N routes beginning Oct. 5.

The addition of the CL and N routes was approved on Sept. 22 by the Public Transit Partners committee, comprised of members of the Chapel Hill Town Council, Carrboro Town Council and UNC Parking and Transportation office.

“Providing safe and reliable service to the residents and visitors of Chapel Hill and Carrboro is our top priority. By adding these two routes we will be able to connect more of our customers to employment and healthcare opportunities,” said Brian Litchfield, Transit director.

“We recommended these routes be added based on input from our operations and planning teams, input from our customers and the availability of routes for our customers,” said Jeffrey Sullivan, community outreach manager. “We are not able to run all routes due to capacity restrictions on our buses, but we continue to monitor our routes and look for opportunities to improve transit access for our customers.

The newly designed CL route runs between UNC Hospitals and Eastowne Drive, serving East Franklin Street, Old Sterling Drive, Sage Road, Dobbins Drive, Summerfield Crossing Road, and Old Oxford Road. The CL route runs every 20 minutes between 6:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The newly designed N route runs between Estes Park apartments and the Northside neighborhood, UNC Hospitals and Meadowmont, providing service the discontinued V route used to provide. The N route provides hourly service from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Chapel Hill Transit will also:

  • alter the schedule of the NU route, making the last trip around 7 p.m., and
  • change the routing of the S route. The route will not serve the Friday Center South (formerly NC-54) Park and Ride Lot. It will serve the Friday Center Park and Ride lot, located at the intersection of NC-54 and Friday Center Drive.

New schedules are available online, and printed brochures will be delivered to local organizations and transit destinations in early October.


Friday Center South Park & Ride Lot Closed Until Further Notice

Beginning Monday, Sept. 21, Chapel Hill Transit will not serve the Friday Center South Park and Ride Lot.

Beginning Monday, Sept. 21, Chapel Hill Transit will no longer serve the Friday Center South Park and Ride Lot (formerly the NC 54 Park and Ride Lot). Chapel Hill Transit’s S route will begin and end at the Friday Center Park and Ride Lot.

The S route will follow the routing and will continue to serve all stops along NC Highway 54. There will be no changes to the schedule and the Friday Center South Park and Ride Lot timepoint will be used at the Friday Center Park and Ride Lot.

Chapel Hill Transit:  Service Changes- Monday August 3.

As students and workers return to UNC-Chapel, Chapel Hill Transit will implement long-awaited service improvements.

Chapel Hill Transit will change routes and schedules, beginning August 3, 2020. With these changes, a number of routes will serve different places of interest and there will be new schedules for customers to follow.

These changes were proposed through the Short Range Transit Plan, which Chapel Hill began in 2017, to help update transit service to meet new demand, improve the experience for customers and better serve our communities.

COVID-19 will affect the full implementation of these service changes. Chapel Hill Transit will run a reduced version of the regular weekday service, including the:

Chapel Hill Transit is also expanding weekend service, providing Sunday service on multiple routes for the first time in 40 years. Weekend service will include the:

Chapel Hill Transit is running reduced service Monday through Friday so that we can better focus our operators and vehicles on areas of high demand and to enable regular cleaning on all vehicles. We have taken several additional measures to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

  • Face coverings must always be worn over noses and mouths while on the bus.
  • Only ten people will be allowed on buses at any given time.
  • Trippers, extra buses which run behind regularly scheduled bus, will be available to help transport anyone not able to board a bus, due to the capacity limits.
  • Customers should board through the rear door of the vehicle and should not sit in seats marked closed for physical distancing.
  • Chapel Hill Transit is cleaning and switching out buses more frequently.

All customers are advised to arrive at the bus stop as early as possible and to be patient while waiting for the bus. Chapel Hill Transit is doing everything possible to meet the demand for public transit safely. Chapel Hill Transit asks all customers to be patient while we adjust to more people using public transit.

Learn more about these changes at: chtransit.org/service-changes


The following routes will all have routing changes and will use different streets than customers are used to.

  • A route serving Northside, UNC-Chapel Hill, Glen Lennox and University Place
  • B route serving Mason Farm Road and UNC-Chapel Hill
  • CL route serving Colony Lake, East Franklin Street and UNC-Chapel Hill
  • CM route serving the Jones Ferry Park and Ride Lot, Merritt Mill Road and UNC-Chapel Hill
  • CW route serving Carrboro Plaza, Weaver Street and UNC-Chapel Hill
  • D route serving Old Durham Road, Legion Road, East Franklin Street and UNC-Chapel Hill
  • F route serving the Jones Ferry Park and Ride Lot, McDougle School, Franklin Street and Colony Woods
  • G route serving Booker Creek, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and UNC-Chapel Hill
  • N route serving Estes Park Apartments, UNC-Chapel Hill and Meadowmont
  • NU route serving the RR Lot, Hillsborough Road and UNC-Chapel Hill
  • S route serving the Friday Center South Park and Ride and UNC Campus
  • T route serving East Chapel Hill High School, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and UNC-Chapel Hill


The following routes will no longer run after August 3.

  • CPX
  • HU
  • V
  • Saturday FG
  • Saturday JN

Chapel Hill Transit Holiday Schedule – 4th of July 2020

Chapel Hill Transit will run Saturday routes and schedules on Friday, July 3. EZ rider will operate Saturday hours.

No routes will run on Saturday, July 4 in honor of Independence Day. EZ Rider will also be closed.

EZ-Rider will provide premium service on Sunday, July 5.

Chapel Hill Transit and EZ-Rider will resume reduced weekday service on Monday, July 6. Those routes include: CM, CW, D, G, J, NS, RU, S and U routes.

Learn more about our holiday schedule at the Hours of Operation & Holiday Calendar page.

2020 August Transit Service Improvements

Starting August 3, Chapel Hill Transit will change service on multiple routes to better serve the Chapel Hill, Carrboro and UNC-Chapel Hill communities. Impacts from COVID-19, will impact the full implementation of these changes. As Chapel Hill Transit determines those impacts, updates will be provided on this page and through regular updates to our service alerts.

Through these service changes we hope:

  • More people will try to ride the bus,
  • More people will use transit regularly,
  • To provide more frequent service along the busiest roadways,
  • To provide access to our community members with the fewest options to travel,
  • To improve weekend service and
  • Make it easier to live in Chapel Hill and Carrboro without a vehicle

Simplified Routes

Starting in August, Chapel Hill Transit will run 20 routes Monday through Friday and nine routes on Saturdays, Sundays and some holidays. Many of these routes will be simplified with less one-way loops and turns.

Sunday service for the first time in 40 years

The nine routes will run on Saturdays, Sundays and some holidays. These routes will have the same routing has their weekday counterparts, with different timetables. Weekend routes include: the A, CM, CW, D, J, N, NS, NU and U routes.

High-Frequency Corridors

High frequency transit service means a bus is coming at least every 15 minutes during the busiest times of the day. A high frequency corridor means that a bus comes down a street or a network of streets at least every 15 minutes – one route or multiple routes can work together to provide this service.

 Corridor Routes
 15-501 S-UNC Hospitals  CCX route
 NC 54 (Carrboro)-Cameron Avenue  CM route
 NC 54 (Friday Center)-UNC Hospitals  FCX route
 W. Franklin Street  J route
 NC-54 (Carrboro)-S. Columbia Street  JFX route
 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.-S. Columbia Street-15-501 S  NS route
 UNC Campus  RU/U route
 NC 54 (Friday Center)-UNC Campus  S route
 E. Franklin Street  CL/D route


We’ve done our best to include the most current information on this page. Below we’ve tried to call out relevant information and put it in an easy to digest format. If you still have questions email us at: chtransit@townofchapelhill.org or call us at 919.969.4931.


No Routing Changes

Several routes have no routing changes, including the: J, JFX, NS, RU and U routes. These routes may have several changes. Schedules will be posted later this summer.

Routes which will no longer run

 Routes going out of service
 Routes to switch to
 CPX route  CM route, JFX route
 HU route  B route
 V route  NS route, N route
 FG route  A route
 JN route  J route, N route


*The Carrboro Plaza Park and Ride will not continue to be a park and ride lot in August and will no longer be served. Customers should use the Jones Ferry Park and Ride lot, three-quarters (3/4) mile away.

Routes which will no longer serve a portion of the route

 Removed Section Routes to switch to
 A route  Homestead Road, MLK Jr. Blvd., Stadium Drive, Manning Drive  HS route
 B route  Fordham Blvd. from NC 54 to Old Mason Farm Rd.  no replacement
 CL route  Legion Rd., Standish Dr., Old Durham Rd., Erwin Rd.  D route
  CM route  Manning Dr., Skipper Bowles Dr. Transfer to RU on Manning Dr.
 CW route  Jones Ferry P&R, Jones Ferry, Davie Road, Poplar Ave. ∙ Jones Ferry – JFX/CM route
∙ Davie/Poplar – Walk to Jones Ferry,
∙ NC 54 Bypass or Main Street
 D route  Old Sterling Rd., Sage Rd., Dobbins Dr.  CL route
 F route  University Place  A route
 G route  South Road, NC 54, Glen Lennox, University Place
 JFX route  Old Fayetteville Rd., Poplar Ave., NC 54  CM route
 N route  Manning Drive, Mason Farm Road  Transfer to RU on Manning Dr.
 NU route  MLK Jr. Blvd. from Hillsborough Rd. to South Rd.
 T route  Manning Drive, Old Mason Farm


We are updating this information as we have it prepared. This information will continue to be updated throughout the summer.

Starting June 1, Chapel Hill Transit will increase service levels to begin running the weekday CM, D, G, J, NS, RU, S and U routes, GoTriangle’s 420 and EZ rider service

Starting June 1, Chapel Hill Transit will increase service levels to begin running the weekday CM, D, G, J, NS, RU, S and U routes, GoTriangle’s 420 and EZ rider service

Chapel Hill Transit will begin running reduced weekday routes and schedules Monday through Friday until 8 p.m., starting June 1. This decision was made in conjunction with the Orange County Health Department, Town of Chapel Hill Emergency Management, UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC Health.

Our goal is to provide safe service for both our customers and our operators.

Reduced weekday routes and schedules include:

None of these routes will operate after 8 p.m. until further notice. This reduction of service helps our operators provide reliable service while allowing our maintenance team to keep vehicles cleaned and sanitized.

Chapel Hill Transit continues to encourage all customers to practice physical distancing by maintaining 6 feet of distance from one another; wear masks or other face coverings while riding transit; only ride when necessary; enter and exit through the rear door; and do not ride if you are sick or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (symptoms: cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms).

Chapel Hill Transit is committed to safety. We have hired additional staff to support cleaning of vehicles and equipment and have increased our cleaning regimen so that our buses are cleaned and disinfected daily. We are adding equipment on our vehicles to help protect our operators, and we are identifying seats and placing signage on vehicles to help our customers keep distance from one another.

During this time, please take advantage of less crowded bus and practice physical distancing, maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between other passengers and the operator. If you are able, arrive at your bus stop earlier to allow yourself options if the bus you are attempting to catch is at capacity.

Sign up for rider alerts (townofchapelhill.org/government/departments-services/transit/transit-covid-19-update) and follow up on twitter (twitter.com/chtransit) to get the latest information and updates from our team.

We are also excited to move forward with service improvements this August, including introducing new Saturday and Sunday routes and creating more reliable schedules for many of our routes – we will continue to share more as details become more clear and public health guidance is updated.

Chapel Hill Transit Update: Orange County stay at home order, Easter weekend service changes & stop closure

Chapel Hill Transit continues to run Saturday routes and schedules during the Orange County stay at home order. EZ-Rider will offer premium service on Easter Sunday and construction activities will close the bus stop at N. Columbia Street at Rosemary Street.

Chapel Hill Transit maintains modified Routes and Schedules (similar to routes and schedules normally operated on Saturdays) during Orange County’s and the Town of Chapel Hill’s Stay at Home Declaration

The towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro joined Orange County in a Stay at Home Declaration beginning Friday at 6 p.m. in an effort to significantly reduce the spread of the coronavirus. During this declaration, Chapel Hill Transit will maintain modified routes and schedules routes and schedules (similar to normal Saturday operations) including Saturday routes CM, CW, D, FG, JN, T and V.

“Our team members are still hard at work during this pandemic,” said Brian Litchfield, transit director. “We are maintaining this service for customers that must travel to work or for essential needs such as food and supplies. We encourage all other community members to stay home & safe.”

The Stay at Home Declaration beginning at 6 p.m. Friday, March 27 will extend through 5 p.m. Thursday, April 30.

“This order is an unprecedented but necessary step for our community as we all work together to stop the further spread of this dangerous virus,” said Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger. “Our residents always rise to the occasion during challenging times, and we are confident they will again as we face this global health crisis.”

Under the Town’s order, all residents of the Town of Chapel Hill are to remain at home unless you are:

  • Going to the doctor or vet (call first to see if you need to be seen or it can wait)
  • Grocery shopping for yourself or others (limit to one trip per week or less if possible)
  • Going to the pharmacy
  • Exercising outdoors (like walking, running, or bicycling, or using greenways and trails; stay at least 6 feet away from the next person)
  • Picking up takeout food or using the drive-thru (you can also order delivery)
  • Caring for a friend or family member
  • Obtaining necessary supplies or services
  • Performing permitted business functions

While the stay at home order is in place:

  • DO NOT go to work unless you are providing essential services
  • Essential services are outlined in Section E Subsection 2 of the order
  • DO NOT visit friends and family unless it is urgent
  • DO NOT gather in groups in public places
  • DO NOT visit people in the hospital, nursing home, or other care facilities
  • DO NOT travel, unless essential

The complete text of the County’s Order and the Town’s Order adopting it are available at townofchapelhill.org/coronavirus

Chapel Hill Transit service changes on Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Chapel Hill Transit, will continue running Saturday routes and schedules, except for the weekend NU and U routes, on Good Friday, April 10. EZ Rider’s current service will not change on Good Friday.

On Easter Sunday, April 12, Chapel Hill Transit will not run any routes. EZ Rider will provide premium service, by reservation only.

  1. Columbia Street and Rosemary Street bus stop closed for construction activities, beginning Tuesday, March 31

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NC-DOT) plans to repair the curb and pothole at the northbound bus stop on S. Columbia Street between Rosemary and Franklin streets. The stop will be closed during construction planned to begin, Tuesday, March 31 through Friday, April 3, weather permitting.

This closure will impact the Saturday JN and T routes going northbound. Chapel Hill Transit customers will need to use the next closest stop to board the bus.

For the Saturday JN route, the closest stops are:

  • S. Columbia Street at Abernethy Hall and
  • Rosemary Street at Pritchard Avenue

For Saturday T route, the closest stops are:

  • S. Columbia Street at Abernethy Hall and
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. at North Street

Transit agencies trimming service to match ridership needs, further reduce COVID-19 risks

Research Triangle Park, NC (March 27, 2020) – Because many people use multiple bus routes to get around the Triangle, the area’s public transit agencies are working together to cut down on unnecessary trips and reduce risks to customers and bus operators even further as more riders shelter at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Only essential trips should be made on transit now for those needing to get to health care and other critical sector jobs and to access necessities such as food and medical care.

Providing transportation during the pandemic is an essential public service, and each agency is committed to maintaining access for those with jobs at hospitals, senior living facilities, grocery stores, take-out restaurants, gas stations and other locations critical to sustaining society and keeping the public safe.

Starting Monday, March 30:

  • GoTriangle will move to Saturday-level service Monday through Friday and Sunday-level service on the weekends. Please find those schedules here. For GoTriangle, this means the agency’s core routes will maintain 30-minute frequencies during the week and go to hourly on the weekends. Also Monday, GoTriangle will suspend service on the WRX, FRX and ZWX.
  • GoCary will move to Sunday-level service every day, but add trips to increase the service span from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Please find more information here.
  • GoDurham, which already suspended all service after 9:30 p.m., will reduce frequencies Monday through Saturday on Routes 4, 7, 10B and 20 and suspend service on Route 5K. Please find a list of those reductions here.
  • Chapel Hill Transit has been running Saturday-level service since March 19 and remains free to the public.
  • GoRaleigh plans to move to a weekend schedule with a few exceptions. Routes serving hospitals and other essential facilities (Route 2 Falls of Neuse, Route 4 Rex, Route 15 WakeMed, Route 19 Apollo Heights) will continue to operate with weekday frequencies. Please check goraleigh.org for more information.
  • GoWake Access will be available to provide trips for essential activities between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. in areas where GoRaleigh, GoCary and GoTriangle are not operating in Wake County. GoWake Access will waive all fares for riders through April 30. Reservations must be made Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. and 24 hours in advance of the needed trip. To reserve a trip, please contact GoWake Access Transportation at 919-212-7005.

Given the uncertainty each day brings, transit customers should sign up to receive service alerts based on the routes they use primarily. Sign up for any agency’s alerts at bit.ly/triservicealerts.

All agencies have suspended fares (Chapel Hill Transit is always free) and instituted rear-boarding only except for those with ADA needs to reduce risks for our bus operators. Anyone riding public transit in the face of the shelter-in-place declarations in Wake County, Orange County and the City of Durham should do so only for essential travel as defined by those entities.

Each agency is monitoring ridership on each route and may adjust plans accordingly. Please check bit.ly/gotrianglecovid19 for updates.

As always, please call our Regional Information Center at 919-485-7433 if you have any questions.

Information also is available on Twitter (@goraleighnc, @gotriangle, @godurhamtransit, @chtransit and @waketransit) and on Facebook (@gotriangle, @goraleighnc, @chtransit and @godurhamtransit).

Chapel Hill Transit Modifying Schedule

Town of Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Transit is running a modified schedule Monday through Saturday, outlined below. No fixed route service will be available on Sunday. Chapel Hill Transit is reducing service at the advice of public health officials to help prevent the spread of COVID-19  in our community.

The modified schedule will run Monday through Saturday using the following routes and schedules:

Learn more about our current service levels at: Covid-19 Update

Chapel Hill Transit is instituting new policies to help encourage social distancing while taking transit, including strict enforcement of the standee line and a new rear boarding policy. People with accessibility needs may still board through the front door. Typically, when you board through the front door, the layout of the bus guides you into close proximity with the transit operator.  Boarding through the rear allows passengers the ability to board the bus in a more open space. Chapel Hill Transit also encourages customers to spread out while on the bus and follow CDC approved safety guidelines: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/prevention.html

Chapel Hill Transit is committed to the safety of our customers and operators. We have increased vehicle cleaning frequency to ensure each vehicle is cleaned and disinfected daily and hired additional staff to support those efforts.

“We don’t make this decision lightly,” said Brian Litchfield, transit director, “We know that many people in our community rely on our services to get to work, especially doctors, nurses and other staff at the hospitals. We hope this changes in service is short-lived and that we will be able to return to normal service as soon as possible.”

Chapel Hill Transit is closely monitoring the situation and coordinating with the emergency management services, public health officials and our partners at the UNC-Chapel Hill. Community members and Chapel Hill Transit customers should sign up for service alerts and follow us on Twitter to get the most up to date information as more changes may be needed in the future.

Chapel Hill Transit’s administrative offices will be closed to the general public starting Thursday, March 19. Lost and found will be  available by appointment. Customers can call 919.969.4901 from 9 a.m. to  5 p.m.

Where to Get Service Information:

Conditions can change quickly. Get the latest updates on transit service by:

Riding Tips:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Take advantage of a less-crowded bus and practice social distancing, maintaining at least six feet of distance between other passengers and the operator.
  • If you are able, arrive at your bus stop earlier to allow yourself options if the bus you are attempting to catch is more full than you are comfortable.
  • Ensure you are practicing good personal hygiene
  • Stay home when you are sick, except to seek medical care
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. If worse comes to worse, use your elbow or a piece of clothing to avoid contaminating your hands or the air around you
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Clean and disinfect frequently-touched objects and surfaces

Chapel Hill Transit will adjust service from March 6-15, 2020 for UNC-Chapel Hill’s Spring Break.

Chapel Hill Transit will adjust transit services during UNC-Chapel Hill’s spring break.

  • The weekend U and NU routes will not operate beginning Saturday, March 7 and will resume on Sunday, March 15.
  • The weekday NU route will not operate Monday, March 9 through Friday, March 13. The weekday NU will resume on Monday, March 16.
  • Safe Ride routes will not operate beginning March 6 through March 14. They will resume on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

EZ-Rider will have adjusted service hours on Saturday, March 7 and 14, and Sunday, March 8.

Learn more about Chapel Hill Transit hours of operation and holidays at this link: Hours of Operation & Holiday Calendar

*Safe Ride is a service funded by the UNC-Chapel Hill Student Government for the safety of students. For information on routes and schedules: Safe Ride Program

Public Input Sessions for Possible Changes to Chapel Hill Transit 2020!

Chapel Hill Transit is preparing service changes to begin in August 2020. Staff will be available to discuss these changes at four public events:

  • Monday, Feb. 10, from 5-7 p.m. in the Board Room of Carrboro Town Hall
  • Wednesday, Feb. 12, UNC Off-Campus Housing Fair from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (UNC students and staff only) in the Great of the UNC Student Union
  • Thursday, Feb. 13, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Carolina Springs (residents only)
  • Wednesday, Feb 19, from 5-7 p.m. in Room 109 of Carrboro Town Hall

These sessions will not have a formal presentation, but participants will be able to engage with transit staff, review maps and ask questions about the proposals. Input given at sessions will be used to help our planning team to create final route maps and schedules which will be shared again in late spring.

These service changes are products of Chapel Hill’s Short Range Transit Plan, which was made with public input in 2017 and 2018. Service changes are meant to improve service frequency on major transit routes, maintain transit access to the communities we serve, simplify the bus system and improve weekend service, using our existing financial resources.

You can learn more about the short range transit plan and these service changes at: https://www.townofchapelhill.org/town-hall/departments-services/transit/about-chapel-hill-transit/projects/short-range-transit-plan

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Chapel Hill Transit

Chapel Hill Transit offers residents a free and dependable way of traveling throughout the Town without the need for a personal automobile.  Think of all the gas money that can be saved by using Chapel Hill Transit!  Additionally, using Chapel Hill Transit comes with the satisfaction of knowing you have played a role in reducing the automobile emissions that harm our health and contribute to congestion.  Even if you live outside of Chapel Hill, there are regional transit systems as well as Park n’Rides on the fringes of Town.



It is easy to place a bike on a bus.  If you are not sure what to do, take a look at this quick and easy video!


Bike Month 2014

May 3 – BikeAbility Event – Fire Station #4 Training Grounds, 9 a.m. – Noon, 101 Weaver Dairy Road Extension – Join this event designed to encourage all people to use a bicycle as a way to get around including to and from work. Specifically there will be a display and opportunity for testing bikes for those with special needs. Open to all ages.

May 7 – International Bike to School Day and Chapel Hill Bike to Work Day – Students, parents, professionals are all encouraged to cycle/walk during peak travel hours of the day rather than using a car!

May 8 – UNC’s Bike to Work with Heels Event, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Come by the Beach Cafe and enjoy time with UNC Staff regarding cycling to and from work and best strategies for using every way to get there EXCEPT by car!

May 12 – Special Bike Store Discounts – Available All Day

May 13 – Carrboro’s Bike Breakfast Workshop, 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., Armadillo Cafe Parking Lot. Join in the fun for getting your bike ready to use for cycling safety and ways to get to and from work. Gather information about various bike advocacy groups, wrenching tents, free coffee and hot biscuits and great giveaways promoting cycling to and from work!

May 14 – Free Bike Inspections at Bike Shops in Chapel Hill and Carrboro

May 16 – National Bike to Work Day

May 16 – Switching Gears Bike Night– 6 pm to 9 pm The Plaza at 140 West Franklin Street – Night for cyclists of all ages and especially those considering cycling to and from work in the next 12 months! Join the DSI Comedy group to enjoy bike humor and events including Gold Sprints, Bikes on Bus Workshop and Timing Competition, Children’s safety events, helmet decorating, slow races, duck racing and MORE!

Bike Alliance Chapel Hill and Carrboro’s Bike Coalition will have cycling groups meeting at outer lying areas in Chapel Hill and Cycle-In to The Plaza together!

Friday’s Through June 27, Live & Local – The Plaza at 140 West Event Series: April 25th begins a series of Friday night concerts and entertainment at The Plaza at 140 West Franklin in Chapel Hill. All Friday nights we encourage folks to Walk/Bike – In and join the crowd for this great set of entertainers each Friday night through the end of June!

Bike Coffee Break Days – all month there will be Coffee Stands that will pop up in the downtown area. Stations will encourage the use of alternative transportation for the 1st time OR to be incorporated into daily life on a regular basis!  Joe – The Switching Gears Duck will be offering a Free-Cuppa-Joe (sponsored by several local coffee shops) and be available for selfies that can be posted to his Facebook Go Joe page!

Chapel Hill Transit System Map

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