Comment on Changes to Chapel Hill Parks for the North-South Bus Rapid Transit Project

Chapel Hill Transit is holding a 30-day public comment period focused on impacts on local parks and trails from the North-South Bus Rapid Transit (N-S BRT) project.

Chapel Hill, N.C. – Chapel Hill Transit is holding a 30-day public comment period focused on impacts on local parks and trails from the North-South Bus Rapid Transit (N-S BRT) project.

Constructing and operating the N-S BRT project will require some minor changes to parks and trails, including:

  • Southern Community Park
  • Fan Branch Trail
  • Bolin Creek Trail
  • Carolina North Forest (PSNC Corridor)
  • Homestead Park and Upper Booker Trail

Residents and users of these parks can find more information about these proposed changes and impacts at along with a comment form. The comment period will open on Monday, August 16, 2021 and close on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

Learn more and comment at:

About N-S BRT

The North-South Bus Rapid Transit (N-S BRT) project is an approximately eight-mile transit route with 17 stations that will connect residential and commercial areas along S. Columbia Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard with downtown Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina. The route will begin at Southern Village and extend to the Eubanks Road Park-and-Ride Lot.

The project includes new bicycle and pedestrian facilities alongside the BRT route for most of its length.

Chapel Hill Transit’s N-S BRT will improve transit access along one of the Town’s busiest corridors, expand pedestrian and bike paths and influence and support the Town’s commitment to responsible land use development.

The N-S BRT will combine high-capacity buses with exclusive bus lanes, traffic signal priority and level boarding to improve the customer experience. Additional highlights of N-S BRT include:

  • BRT-only lanes, fewer stops and BRT priority at traffic lights will combine to provide customers with faster transportation along the corridor.
  • More frequent and reliable service than current routes along the corridor. Service will begin earlier and end later, 7 days a week.
  • BRT-only, curbside lanes along much of the route will separate buses from cars
  •  Multi-use paths will provide dedicated space for cyclists and pedestrians along most of its length.

Additional information about N-S BRT and the project team can be found at N-S BRT.

Feedback Needed – 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Capital Area and the Durham Chapel-Hill Carrboro MPOs are coordinating to develop the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the Triangle region. The MTP is the long-range plan for transportation improvements across the region. It will include roadway, transit, rail, bicycle, pedestrian and other transportation projects for the next 30 years

Process Place

CAMPO staff have completed the development and modeling associated with the Deficiencies and Needs of our anticipated transportation network, as well as three (3) transportation system alternative future scenarios for the 2050 MTP. With the MPO’s Goals and Objectives as a guide, the deficiency analysis served as a baseline to create the three alternative scenarios to meet anticipated future travel demand.

Public Input

Add your ideas and thought here please!


Go Chapel Hill Friday Focus VI – Carry Your Commute Torch!

Go Wyatt & Rachel Archer! GO CHAPEL HILL!

The 2021 Olympic Games and Team USA have seen success at many levels!   You still have time to be a torch-carrying Go Chapel Hill team member!   Olympic athletes use alternative transportation to get around. Team USA athletes take the skateboard, roller blade, bus, telework, ride bicycles, carpool, roll, and walk.   New Town of Chapel Hill employee, Wyatt Archer, and wife Rachel carry the torch for inspiring them for getting to work – commenting that they love combining skateboard and roller blades to get to the bus and that they are great tools for getting around once at work, as well!
Send images of you using alternate transportation with your home-designed torch so we can add it to supporting Team USA.
Commute options are good for your health and the earth, too.  Join the GO CH Birthday Club for great giveaway benefits!