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Personal Bike Trips count for May! Share the Ride NC!  Set up an account today!

Because it’s Bike Month  GoTriangle’s STRNC program is allowing everyone to earn points with personal bike trips in May!

If you’re still commuting, or teleworking, continue to track your trips and earn your usual points—or maybe even a few more than usual! But if you’ve been riding your bike just to get a little exercise and outdoor time, now you can earn GoPerks rewards while riding for fun.

Track all of your bike trips on ShareTheRideNC just like you would a commute, and GoTriangle’s Go Perks program will count those rides toward the GoPerks drawings you will want to enter this month. The program is offering gift cards to some great local businesses in the Triangle, and they’re still open for pickup orders and deliveries.

Thank you so much for tracking your trips in Share The Ride NC! You’re helping to make the case for smart commuting, transit access, and telework here in the Triangle by showing us how important it is.

Stay safe, and track those trips. Get on your bikes and ride!