Commute Birthday Benefits

Happy Birthday to You!!!  Birthdays are a great time to get involved in new efforts to improve quality of life for ourselves, community and environment.  What better way to start a new year than to feel healthier, reduce traffic congestion and improve air and water quality!  So glad you are considering your new birthday year and shifts giving great gifts of improvements to self and community! 

The Town of Chapel Hill is in partnership with Starbucks Chapel Hill to encourage alternative transportation use to and from work in order to reduce traffic congestion while keeping the air and water clean!  This is considered seed planting by being an example so that others might try to get to and from work without a car at least 4 times annually, making for a better community all around.  And, this is a great way to begin healthier living by way of your commute to and from work!

How Can I Receive Commute Birthday Benefits Fun — Fast? 

Commit to using alternative transportation 4 times, in the next 12 months.  Tell us about your alternative use at:  

Savings & Value: The average drive to work is 20 miles one way.  Proven results show that for each mile not driven, one pound of carbon emissions is saved from going into the air!  If you use alternative forms of transportation, just 3 times annually, and 30 others also leave their cars at home 4 times annually… this equals 1240 pounds of carbon emissions from entering the air that we breath!  Just think of the savings if this occurs monthly… and think of the savings if everyone uses a healthy mode for work another couple of times a year, as well!!?

What Counts:  Telework, Walking, Bicycling, Skateboarding, Carpooling, Vanpooling, and Transit.

Great Rewards!  If you agree to leave your car at home at least 4 times in the next 12 months, there are endless possibilities for you regarding benefits.  You will receive a birthday benefit item for your efforts!  Even bigger, you can earn points to receive gift cards to Triangle restaurants and businesses!  Be sure to check out the Go Triangle Go Perks  program to put your name in drawings for great gift cards! Oh, also— No need to enter carpool information asked for, just general information and then track your trips to shoot for great gift cards!

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