Construction and Other Projects

An electrical duct bank installation project along Airport Drive is ongoing through the end of July, 2012. Employees and residents should use caution and follow construction signs and traffic control devices with special care during this period.

Current & Impending Construction:  The project is being conducted in phases and only affects certain areas at any given time. The next phase of the duct bank work will begin on Saturday, February 11 and continue until Saturday, March 3. During this time a portion of the north-south drive running in front of the entrance to the Giles Horney Building will be blocked from the intersection with Airport Drive to a point just south of the Horney Visitor Lot entrance. Those wishing to access that visitor lot will need to do so from the north. To view a map, please visit this link: . NOTE: The next duct bank phase, scheduled for Friday, February 17 through Friday, February 24, will require the additional full closure of Airport Drive at the eastern entrance to the AOB Lot. Chapel Hill Transit’s “NS” and “HU” buses will be re-routed via the MLK Blvd. / Estes Dr. intersection. As this phase approaches, please check Chapel Hill Transit’s website at for more information. As this duct bank project progresses, it impacts different roadways and driveways in turn, and occasionally requires lane closures and road detours. Individual notices and traffic control plans are sent out to all parking permit holders in the affected areas before each phase is scheduled to begin. When this duct bank project is completed, it will provide enhanced service to existing facilities as well as the Carolina North development. Call the Department of Public Safety at 962-3951 during normal business hours with other questions and concerns.

Thank you,

The Department of Public Safety

University of NC at Chapel Hill

Go Triangle Service Changes

In response to customer need and to improve on-time performance, several Triangle Transit routes will change on Monday, February 13. In summary, the changes are as follows:

  • Add      frequency to the Durham-Raleigh Express (DRX)
  • Eliminate      unproductive trips or portions of trips on Routes 49, 102, 301, 311, 700,      800, and 805
  • Minor      routing adjustments to improve on-time performance for Routes 46 and 305
  • Minor      schedule adjustments to improve on-time performance for Routes 102, 400,      405, 420, and 800.

Triangle Transit implementará varios cambios de servicio durante el 13 de Febrero, 2012.

DRX – Durham.Raleigh Express  (click here for route brochure)

  • Five      one-way trips in AM and PM will be added to help alleviate overcrowding.      This will bring the route to 30-minute frequency during peak hours.

Shuttle 46 – RTC. RTP Employers (IBM) (click here for route brochure)

  • From      the Regional Transit Center, the shuttle will use Page Rd/I-40 to get to      Miami Blvd instead of Slater Rd, reducing travel time and improving      transfers at the Regional Transit Center.Bus stops on Slater Rd.,      previously served by Shuttle 46, will continue to be served by Route 805.

Shuttle 49 – RTC. RTP Employers ( Cisco) (click here for route brochure)

  • Elimination      of the trips starting at the Regional Transit Center at 6:30am and 3:30pm. Most current customers can use      Route 311 instead.

Route 102 – Garner. Raleigh (click here for route brochure)

  • Eliminate      the 6:40am departure from Moore Square Transit Station (the first AM trip      would start at White Oak Shopping Center).
  • Move      all remaining AM departures five minutes earlier allowing for better      transfers to other CAT and Triangle Transit routes at Moore Square.

Route 301 – RTC.Cary.Raleigh (click here for route brochure)

  • Eliminate      the 6:00am departure from the Regional Transit Center (the first eastbound      AM trip would start at Cary Train Station at 6:30am). Customers along      Harrison Ave. can use C-Tran Route 3 to access Cary Train Station.

Route 305 – Apex. Cary. Raleigh (click here for route brochure)

  •  Eliminate service along Old Raleigh Rd/Edinburgh Dr.      This change will reduce travel time and improve the on-time performance of      the route.

Route 311 – RTC. Apex. Raleigh (click here for route brochure)

  • End      the last three trips in the AM at EPA and start the first four trips of      the PM at EPA. These trips currently begin/end at the Louis Stephens Rd at      Cisco/Credit Suisse stops. Current customers can use Shuttle 49 instead. 

Route 400 – Durham. New Hope Commons. Chapel Hill (click here for route brochure)

  • Minor      weekday schedule adjustments to improve the on-time performance of the      route. 

Route 405 – Durham. Chapel Hill (click here for route brochure)

  • Minor      weekday schedule adjustments to improve the on-time performance of the      route. 

Route 420 – Hillsborough. Chapel Hill (click here for route brochure)

  • Change      the 7:00am departure from Maxway Shopping Center to 6:55am to ensure more      consistent on-time arrivals at UNC Hospitals.
  • Additional      minor schedule adjustments to improve the on-time performance of the      route.

Route 700 – RTC.Durham Tech. Downtown Durham (click here for route brochure)

  • Eliminate      5:44am and 6:14am departures from Lawson St at Durham Tech to Durham      Station. Current customers can use DATA Route 8 to access Durham Station      from Durham Tech or park at the American Tobacco North Parking Deck.

Route 800 – Chapel Hill. Southpoint Mall. RTC (click here for route brochure)

  • Eliminate      the 5:45am departure from Manning Dr at UNC Hospitals to the Regional      Transit Center.
  • Additional      minor schedule adjustments to improve the on-time performance of the      route. 

Route 805 – Chapel Hill. Woodcroft. RTC (click here for route brochure)

  • Eliminate      the 6:05am departure from Manning Drive at UNC Hospitals (the first      eastbound trip will start at Woodcroft Shopping Center at 6:22am).      Customers who need to access the Regional Transit Center from UNC/Chapel      Hill can use Route 800.

Customers with questions should refer to the downloadable schedules or contact the GoTriangle Regional Call Center at 485-RIDE(7433)  Thank you for choosing Triangle Transit.

Triangle Tweed Ride 2012
Saturday March 3rd, 2012 10:00 AM
Check In, Noon Ride Benelux Cafe @ City Market …
A tweed ride is a metropolitan bike ride with a flair of ‘old world’ style and merrymaking.  The ride is intended to be slow-paced and sociable. This year’s theme is “Tweed N’ Feed” with a goal of stocking shelves to bring meals to less fortunate families in the Triangle.  To keep things local and because we see the impact of their efforts in our community, we have chosen to partner with Raleigh Rescue Mission. To participate in the ride you must provide a minimum of 4 food items or a $10 cash donation to the Mission. We invite you to put on a fun frock and join us as we raise donations in style for the Raleigh Rescue Mission while drawing awareness to the growing number of bicyclists in the triangle.  We encourage bikes of ALL STYLES at this event.  Although we know you want to, we don’t expect you to buy a new bike to match your outfit! Grassroots organized by members of the triangle cycling community and brought to you by:   BENELUX CAFE – OAK CITY CYCLING PROJECT – RALEIGH RESCUE MISSION – RALEIGH VINTAGE Hold Fast – Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC – Nantucket Bike Basket Co. – The Bicycle Chain – Zimbale North America

For more information go to: