Chapel Hill Transit – Online Tracking On Hold

Transit real-time information on Nextbus, Transloc may stop working starting Tuesday

On Tuesday, an AT&T network change may impact Chapel Hill Transit real-time information on Nextbus and Transloc.

Starting Tuesday, February 22, AT&T will begin dismantling its 3G service network. This change in wireless service will impact real-time predictions provided by Nextbus and Transloc.

Nextbus provides real-time information to signage throughout town and mobile apps through technology installed in every Chapel Hill Transit vehicle. When AT&T discontinues its 3G network, the 3G modems installed in the Nextbus systems will stop sending data updating customers about the buses’ locations.. Transloc also depends on this information from Nextbus to provide real-time information about Chapel Hill Transit service.

Chapel Hill Transit is working to replace all the modems, but the new modems will not arrive from Nextbus for several more months. Staff is looking at other alternatives, but due to the way the Nextbus system was built, other solutions will not work. It may be four or more months before the old Nextbus technology can be replaced.

Customers can continue to use our schedules online to find their bus departure times. The Transit App, that uses crowd-sourced data to determine bus predictions, should be unaffected by the network change and may be a good alternative for Chapel Hill Transit customers.

Chapel Hill Transit will continue to communicate important service information through TwitterNextbus and the website. The website,, is being updated to ensure the most accurate schedules are posted, and, as route schedules change, Chapel Hill Transit will do it’s best to post new schedules to major affected stops ahead of time.

Chapel Hill Transit will provide updates as the staff learn more.


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NC DOT Looking for Bicycle Route Input!

Give your input on developing a great bicycle route system across NC. North Carolina’s has a bicycle route system that was developed in 1974 and was created on roads across North Carolina that were safer for bicycling, designating a network of “bicycling highways” that provided access to small towns, state parks, historic sites and other points of interest. These routes generally parallel the major highways along which cyclists often wish to travel but offer a more lightly traveled alternative than the busy, major roads that are familiar to most people. Given the extensive development that has occurred across North Carolina since the 1970’s and associated changes to the roadway network, the N.C. Department of Transportation recognized the need to re-evaluate and update the state bike route system in 2013, as part of the statewide bicycle and pedestrian plan.

​NCDOT is now initiating another update to the route system, based on a more current review of existing and planned bicycle facilities throughout the state. The public is invited to help identify additional potential changes to the system, based on recent roadway projects, local planning, and local knowledge and understanding of the routes. To provide input, please visit the NCDOT State Bike Route System Public Input Map. Input will be accepted until March 14, 2022.

The website for the NC Bike Route can be found here. The public input map can be found here.

Chapel Hill Transit will add trips to three routes beginning Monday, February 14.

Chapel Hill Transit will restore several trips to the CL, D, and J routes beginning Monday, February 14.

Staff at Chapel Hill Transit reduced service on several routes January 10 amidst the unprecedented numbers of daily call outs due to safety protocols related to COVID-19 and other illnesses. “The number of call outs has decreased, though they haven’t returned to normal levels. We feel comfortable adding back some of the services we had to stop,” according to Nick Pittman, transit planning manager. “We know these service changes impacted a lot of customers, and we’re excited to be able to begin returning service to our community members.”

Customers can view the updated schedules on the All Routes & Schedules page.

The CL route will begin running the following trips

Departing from East Dr. at Jackson Circle

o            7:10 a.m.

o            8:10 a.m.

o            9:20 a.m.

o            10:20 a.m.

Departing from Franklin St. at the Varsity Theater

o            11:07 a.m.

Departing from Franklin St. at Carolina Coffee

o            2:30 p.m.

o            3:40 p.m.

o            4:40 p.m.

o            5:40 p.m.

The D route will begin running the following trips from East Dr. at Jackson Circle

•            6:40 a.m.

•            7:40 a.m.

•            8:40 a.m.

The J route will begin running the following trips

Departing from Franklin St. at Columbia St.

o            6:22 a.m.

o            7:37 a.m.

o            8:52 a.m.

o            10:07 a.m.

Departing from the Pittsboro St. Credit Union

o            2:25 p.m.

o            3:40 p.m.

o            4:55 p.m.

o            6:10 p.m.

“As our team members become less and less impacted by COVID-19 and other issues that prevent them from coming into work, we look forward to bringing back more and more of our service,” says Jeffrey Sullivan, community outreach manager. “Please continue to be patient with our team and follow COVID-19 safety protocols on our buses, including wearing a mask over your nose and mouth while on the bus.”