Chapel Hill Installs Traffic Garden!

The Town of Chapel Hill has installed it’s first Traffic Garden at Homestead Aquatic Center, located at 300 Aquatic Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. This Traffic Garden is open to the public year-round during park hours, which are from dawn until dusk. Please come and enjoy!!!

A traffic garden, or safety village, is a park facility where children and families can learn the and practice the rules of the road. Traffic gardens are smaller-scale versions of real street networks and include realistic road signs, situations, and street markings designed to help teach new bicyclists and pedestrians how to safely use roads. Children and adults can use traffic gardens to practice walking, bicycling, and “driving” through roads and intersections in a space that is protected from vehicular traffic.

There are many ways youth and adults can use the traffic garden. One of the most common uses is for learning the rules of the road by practicing navigating roads on a bicycle, tricycle, or scooter. People can also walk the course of the traffic garden, or practice using other non-motorized devices to pass through the marked roads and intersections.

For more information see Chapel Hill Traffic Garden .